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What is Dnamusic library ?

Dnamusic library  simplifies music licensing by bringing together those who need music (Licensees) and those who offer music (licensors) to allow the use of upcoming and hit music for any kind of production: films, television programs, video and computer games, advertising campaigns, mobile phones or websites.

Dnamusic library is non-exclusive and welcomes any music owner (producer/publisher/composer/band) who wants to offer music and sell licenses.
You must have all the rights (publishing and master) to have an account.

Why set up an account? (for master owners / publishing owners)

We have to know who you are in order to protect the rights of the Licensees , Licensors and our rights. Setting up a production account is free. By creating an account, you will have access in your music tracks , your earnings and job opportunities

Why set up an account?

Because you can choose the pre cleared music you want with a simple way, downloaded and have the licence by email.
Setting up a Licensee account is free. By creating an account, you will have access to various services such as downloading music previews,send music preview proposalsto your client, purchasing license, posting job opportunities etc

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer different types of discounts as well as promotional discounts throughout the year.

What do I have to do to get a discount?

You do not need to do anything specific to get a discount. It will be automatically applied if you meet our conditions. For example, clients who regularly purchase licenses will automatically receive a preferential rate.

Something wrong with the music?

Have you found music that is owned by somebody other than the Licensor claiming to own it? Please let us know

What is a license?

The music is licensed to you, not sold. The "license", "license agreement" or "synchronisation license" is the contract that allows you to reproduce music in a synchronised way with your production.

Why do I need a license?

Without a license, reproducing music (from our site or from another source) in a synchronised way with your production is illegal.

What does the license cover?

The license covers all costs normally paid by the Licensee (client)

What does the license not cover?

The license does not cover public performances royalties, which are normally paid by the broadcaster, distributor or manufacturer or local performance society

How long is the license valid?

The term of the license is mentioned in the license agreement. It varies depending on the type of your production (use).

With whom will I sign the license agreement?

The license agreement is between you and the Licensor.

Can I purchase an exclusive license for music?

Yes you must sent us your need by email

Is all the music on Dna music library pre-cleared?

Yes the music on Dna music library is pre-cleared.


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