[+] 10th day DnaOrchestral – Crossover, Mediterranean10th Day1:38      
[+] Ashura DnaMinimal- New age, Orchestral – Crossover10th Day2:39      
[+] Ending titles DnaMinimal- New age, Orchestral – Crossover10th Day3:04      
[+] Fighting in the dark DnaElectronic, Mediterranean, Sound music10th Day3:31      
[+] Gay shelter DnaMinimal- New age, Orchestral – CrossoverFinal Score, 10th Day2:51      
[+] Gay shelter 10th Day, Final Score2:51      
[+] Get out of home DnaElectronic, Sound music10th Day, Sounds Music1:46      
[+] Last Ashura ending DnaOrchestral – CrossoverFinal Score, 10th Day2:26      
[+] Money DnaOrchestral – Crossover, Mediterranean10th Day0:41      
[+] Money 10th Day0:41      
[+] Music for girl DnaMinimal- New age, Orchestral – CrossoverNever Land, 10th Day1:18      
[+] Music for girl Never Land, 10th Day1:18      
[+] My country Dna Orchestral – Crossover, Mediterranean10th Day, Final Score2:34      
[+] My country 10th Day, Final Score2:34      
[+] Pray and Ashura DnaOrchestral – Crossover, MediterraneanFinal Score, 10th Day1:51      
[+] Pray and Ashura Final Score, 10th Day1:51      
[+] Slaping face DnaElectronic, Orchestral – Crossover, Fusion – Traditional, Mediterranean10th Day, Final Score1:40      
[+] Slaping face Final Score, 10th Day1:40      
[+] Trip to Turkey DnaElectronic, Orchestral – Crossover, MediterraneanFinal Score, Mediterranean Flavour, 10th Day2:02      


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