[+] Buckle my shoe cover variation AnonymousKid’s music, Orchestral – Crossover, Special, Fusion – TraditionalCovers, Playground Tunes, Kid's music1:05      
[+] Children in my yard DnaWorld Africa, Fusion – TraditionalWorld - Fusion, Playground Tunes0:51      
[+] Fruit punch DnaJazz - Blues, Latin – AfroSummer Vibes, Playground Tunes, Jazz - Blues0:46      
[+] Kid tune DnaKid’s musicPlayground Tunes, Kid's music0:49      
[+] Music box in land DnaKid’s music, Orchestral – CrossoverOrchestral - Crossover, Playground Tunes1:01      
[+] Orpheus DnaKid’s music, MediterraneanPlayground Tunes, Mediterranean Flavour, Kid's music0:27      
[+] Pinnokio DnaKid’s music, Orchestral – Crossover, MediterraneanPlayground Tunes, Mediterranean Flavour, Kid's music0:36      
[+] Playground DnaKid’s music, Latin – AfroPlayground Tunes, Kid's music1:13      
[+] Sam junior DnaBeat - Pop, Kid’s musicPlayground Tunes, Kid's music0:23      
[+] The Bee Song K.MoustakasElectronic, Kid’s music, Minimal- New agePlayground Tunes, Kid's music0:32      


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